EAT Anytime Mindful Kalmi (Safawi) Dates – from Saudi Arabia, 400g

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EAT Anytime brings to you essential superfood, in the form of dried fruits. Dried fruits are nothing but fruits whose water content is evaporated without reducing their nutritive value. This increase their life and hence, can be preserved for longer periods of time. Since ages, dried fruits have been considered as an important part of the diet due to their enormous health benefits. Khajur or Kalmi Dates are sourced directly from Saudi Arabia and are rich in fibre, sugar, magnesium and potassium. The exotic, dried cranberries are packed with Vitamins A and C and are an abundant source of antioxidants. Their sweet and sour taste is sure to satisfy your cravings while providing you with multiple health benefits. Dried apricots are often considered as immunity boosting superfood. Their glowing yellow- orange colour is a treat for the eyes and their sweet and tangy flavour is a treat for your taste palate.

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kalmi dateskalmi dates

eat anytimeeat anytime

About EAT Anytime

EAT Anytime was born out of the struggle to find healthy snacking options during a hectic day of work, and as a result of the ill effects of eating junk food for several years together. It was an attempt to break away from the vicious cycle of craving and fulfillment that junk food creates.

The strong foundations we are built on dictate that all our products combine healthy ingredients to create tasty snacks that our own families consume regularly with beneficial health impacts.

EAT Anytime Essentials Products

Stay Immune, Stay Safe!!!

We, at EAT Anytime, launched these essential superfoods as these are considered to boost our immunity which is the need of the hour. Our mindful essentials are packed with the necessary vitamins and minerals which support our immune system and help it to fight the viruses. So, sit back, relax and binge on these healthy snacks without compromising on the flavour

EAT Anytime brings to you essential superfood, in the form of dried fruits.

Kalmi (Safawi) Dates- from Saudi Arabia

Dried Californian Cranberries

Dried Turkish Apricots

dry fruits, dried fruits, kalmi dates, dried apricots, dried cranberriesdry fruits, dried fruits, kalmi dates, dried apricots, dried cranberries

EAT Anytime Essenitals

Kalmi datesKalmi dates

Dried ApricotsDried Apricots

Dried cranberriesDried cranberries

Kalmi Dates

Kalmi Dates are most known for their use during auspicious days. Although dates are consumed for various religious faiths and beliefs, there are plenty of health benefits that silently support the good cause. Dates are a rich source of fibers, sugar, magnesium and potassium- all of which are necessary to restore the health and balance of the body.

Coming as a surprise, these dates are not consumed as sweet treats only but also adapted into a variety of savory dishes like tajines, muesli, and butter toasts.

Dried Apricots

These peach-like fruits are infact plums that taste so much better! Bringing to you straight from Turkey, we take pride in serving you the best across globe dried Apricots. Being a powerhouse of essential nutrients, Apricots are a must include fruits to your diet. Low calorie, immunity boosting fruit that has enormous health benefits should not be ignored.

Among the enormous health benefits, lay some that are usually ignored unless troublesome. Dried Apricots have indeed a higher concentration of vitamins and minerals that help promote bone health and prevent bone disorders. Having rich levels of Vitamin A & E, dried Apricots aid vision and also keeps them safe from damage due to age. They also help repair any cell damage which means healthier skin, always!

Dried Cranberries

Among many health benefits, cranberries are best known to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease and enhance oral health. Despite its sweet taste, it in turn helps prevent tooth decay and gum disease. Also, they are 100% fat-free! You know what that means? You can eat sweet treats without ever worrying about ill-effects of sweet bingeing!

You can add them to your yogurt, cereals or fruit salad to add a delicious twist to your dish.

Vitamin Rich

Fibers Rich

Health Benefits

Brain Nutrition

Skin & Eye Health


Shelf Life

12 Months

12 Months

12 Months

Rich in Antioxidants

Net Wt




Kalmi Dates are definitely worth adding to your diet & Fitness as they are both nutritious and delicious and are very good for heart
Kalmi Dates are also high in antioxidants, which may contribute to many of their health benefits
Kalmi Dates can be a great pre work out meal
“Total Weight: 400 gm , Shelf Life: 270 Days Package Contents: 400g of Healthy Kalmi Dates”

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