Fryums Express Onion Rings with Homemade Chat Masala, 360g. Fryums papad chips snacks ready to cook air fry or microwave

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About the BRAND

FRYIE EXPRESS is a unique brand with the best quality product since 1979. For over 4 decades we have been offering our premium customers to enjoy and savor the best 100% gluten-free snacks with their loved ones. We take great care in creating a range of wholesome ready to cook snacks to be prepared and stored fresh for your convenience. Our products are made with the best ingredients and best quality which can be trusted and prepared with multiple choices of methods like air-fry, microwave, or just Fry in the oil of your choice.

Our lovely homemade chaat masala seasoning along with every pack has been a secret recipe for ages which will surely tingle your childhood memories of the guilt-free snack.

Homemade is homemade, always believe in Fresh, Healthy and Tasty.


Evening Snacks For Kids

If you are a parent, you would know that kids demand delicious snacks every evening. And, they definitely do not want to go for those food items that they have regularly at breakfast. So, the struggle lies in pleasing them with some interesting food options for evening snacks.

To meet the instant snack demands of your kids, we have a list of some of the most popular ready to fry food packs that can be great evening snacks for your kids.

Garlic RingsOnion RingsGolGappaCrunchy RibbonGolden RollsAlphabet SnackOrange WheelsSalted Crackers and many more choices to make your kids happy.

Snacks to Make Your Mood Happier




Fryums Express | Crunchy Ribbon with Homemade Chaat Masala- Ready to Fry

This is one of the most loved evening snacks for kids. Keep a pack of them in your freezer and fry or bake them whenever you want to have. Just make sure that you keep the pack back in the freezer as soon as possible after taking out the desired quantity for frying.

Fryie Express | Golgappa Puchka Pani Puri with Homemade chaat Masala – Ready to Fry

GolGappa or Pani Puri, by whatever name you call it, is one of the most loved snacks across India. And, you can now make them at home and make your kids happy in a few minutes. Just use this pack of ready to fry GolGappas by Fryie:- fry them at your home. The best thing about using this pack is that you can do some experiments with your cooking skills and prepare the filling as per the taste of your kids. You can even make them sweet by adding some sweet chutney or syrup to it.


Available in different colors, shapes, styles, and sizes; these are one of the most popular evening snacks for kids in Indian households. Heat oil and fry the fryums of the desired shape. Once done, you can add chaat masala, tastemaker, or desired spices as per the preferences of your kids while serving them and a crunchy evening snack is ready.


Midnight Cravings

You have all done it at some point in life… after a late-night party, while studying for exams, after late-night chats with bae, or even a movie marathon with your girl squad, you have felt the need to silently creep down to the kitchen and get yourself a snack. Just opt for something that is yummy and healthy for your midnight trips to the kitchen. But don’t worry now about these midnight cravings with these ready to fry food.


Unexpected Guests

Both you and your guests know that this party is a last-minute affair, and that is more than OK! As with everything in life, it’s best to take a minute out, breathe in, and relax. Your guests won’t be expecting much at your last-minute celebration. But if you want to wow them anyway, make a few quick and easy dishes using these ready to fry food items that you already have in your pantry.

Some Ready to Eat Snacks





Fryie Express Papadum South Indian Appalam Papad with Special Grandma’s Seasoning

Homemade ready to fry and eat tasty snacks to binge. Homemade is Homemade. Fun design papad for kids. Tasty healthy spicy snacks. We specialize in papad products since 1978 and strive to provide the best products to enjoy with loved ones.

Fryums Express Tasty Homemade Onion Rings with Chaat Masala

All time Snacks to fry at home in the oil of your choice. Homemade is Homemade. We do not compromise with quality and health aspects of the product.

ABCD with homemade chaat Masala | Learning Alphabet snack

Homemade is homemade!!! Traditional snack for all times and all ages. Perfect for any meal as a side crunchy. Cook in the oil of your choice makes it hygenic and healthy. Traditional homemade grandma’s chaat masala adds the perfect spice to your soul

Fryums Express Maize Corn Flakes Ready to Fry

Every bite of these crispy, corn flakes is just as delicious as the first. Kick start your day with maize Corn Flakes Original breakfast which provides you nourishment along with taste.


Hygenic and safe to cook at home, stay safe eat safe with environment friendly packaging
A range of organic products have been expertly sourced and hygienically packed so that you get great taste and nutrition
Feature: Homemade ready to fry and eat tasty snacks for anyplace anytime. Allows you to Air fry or Microwave or choose the oil of your choice
Zero artificial color or preservatives

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