In a Cell Phone Minute

Price: โ‚นย 180.68
(as of Jan 30,2021 01:27:16 UTC – Details)

A collection of intriguing stories revealed by cell phone yakkers and eavesdroppers across the globe. You will be charmed by touching romantic connections; lose yourself in wild lost-and-found escapades; cheer at poignant, lifesaving 911 calls–and then howl with laughter at pranksters’ antics, absurd customer service calls, and wacky insurance claims.

A few subjects covered in the book:
• overheard
• love is in the air
• where ru?
• auto misdial
• saved by the cell
• ru tlkn 2 me?
• 911
• lost & found
• jest kidding ๐Ÿ˜‰
• does my insurance cover this?
• those #%@*! cell phones
• customer service

In a Cell Phone Minute roams from the strange to the interesting to the hilarious faster than you can say "Hello?" Go ahead…eavesdrop guiltlessly.

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