iPad For Parents and Children: A Parent’s Guide to Using and Childproofing the iPad

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(as of Mar 11,2021 06:33:48 UTC – Details)

There’s never been a better time to learn. Several years ago, the word Edutainment was introduced–it’s the idea of learning through games and other activities.

What better way to learn than the iPad, right? Kind of. The iPad is an amazing learning device but handing it over to a child with no restrictions gives them access to the world…and all the evils in it.

This book is twofold. One, it teaches parents how to use the iPad; even if you’ve used it before, there’s probably going to be a few things that you never knew. Two, it teaches parents how to safe-guard the device and ensure their child only sees and does what you want them to. It will teach you how to set app limits, turn on and off privacy features, and block certain websites. In short, it will teach you how to customize the iPad so it’s fit for your parenting style.

It’s based off of the newest iPad’s that lack a physical Home button, but if you have another iPad, most of the features are in the same exact place.

Ready to get started? Let’s go!

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