KRIWIN 46 Varieties(1985+) Of Fruits and Vegetables Seed with Instruction Booklet

Price: ₹ 859.00 - ₹ 299.00
(as of Jan 31,2021 12:16:27 UTC – Details)

For Kitchen Terrace Balcony Poly House Gardening .Here We Offer A High Quality Seed Kit Of Commonly Used Vegetables To Plant In Your Kitchen Garden/Terrace Top/ Balcony Or Poly House Gardens Or Any Other Suitable Locations. Have You Ever Think On A Small Vegetable Garden At Your Home? Well! Farming Is Not Just For Rural Areas. It Is Possible In Cities Too. It Can Be Achieved By Making Some Arrangements On Your Terrace, Roof, Balcony Or Somewhere Else For Planting Vegetables And Growing It For Your Own Use Or Selling. This Is Not A New Idea, But The Situation Now Is Very Demanding. As The Change Of Climate Like Increasing Temperature, Mismatch Of Seasonal Raining, Hardly Helps The Crops, Made Difficult For Farmers To Grow Vegetables. The Reason, Sometimes We Buy The Same Tomato For Rs. 50/Kg Or Sometimes For Just Rs.10/- Imagine Your Terrace Top/Balcony With Full Of Vegetables Plants Like Tomato, Lady Finger, Beans, Brinjal , Green Chilly, Capsicum Etc. That Will Surely Cool Your Mind As Well Entire Family Atmosphere. If You Can Produce Minimum Of 100Gms Of Vegetable Per Day, It Would Be A Great Thing. It Would Improve Your Family Health By Adding These Fresh Vegetables In Your Daily Food Produced By You Along With Your Family Members. Moreover, The Satisfaction Of Harvesting From Your Own Effort Is Un-Explainable. Terrace Gardening Has Many Advantages Like, Have Non Poisoned Fresh Food, The Greenery Around Will Rejuvenate You Between The Dullness Or Hectic Schedule Of Your Official Life

Free Complete Booklet/Guide To Vegetable/Kitchen/Flower/Terrace Garden
Baby Spinach 200 Seeds, Musk Melon 10 Seeds, Beet Root 20 Seeds, Ooty Carrot 50 Seeds, Lady Finger 20 Seeds, Pumpkin 5 Seeds, Bitter Gourd 5 Seeds, Radish White 50 Seeds, Bottle Gourd Long 5 Seeds, Red Carrot 50 Seeds, Brinjal Purple Long 10 Seeds, Red Spinach 200 Seeds, Brinjal Green Round 10 Seeds, Ridge Gourd 5 Seeds, Broccoli 20 Seeds, Snake Gourd 5 Seeds, Green Cabbage 20 Seeds, Spinach 200 Seeds
Capsicum Green 20 Seeeds, Sponge Gourd 5 Seeds, Cauliflower 20 Seeds, Tomato 20 Seeds, Chilli 20 Seeds, Turnip 20 Seeds, Cluster Beans 20 Seeds, Yard Beans 10 Seeds, Coriander 200 Seeds, Kakri { Long Melon } 10 Seeds, Cucumber 5 Seeds, Watermelon 5 Seeds, Fenugreek 200 Seeds, Onion 200 Seeds
French Beans 5 Seeds, Brinjal Black Beauty 10 Seeds, Knol Khol 20 Seeds, Papaya 10 Seeds,Cow Pea 5 Seeds, Sweet Corn 5 Seeds, Brinjal White Long 10 Seeds, Broad Beans 5 Seeds, Green Amaranthus , Radish Red, Semphali, Tinda ,Ash Gourd, Squash

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