Manna Millets – Natural Grains Combo Pack of 3 | Foxtail 500g, Kodo 500g, Little 500g | Native Low GI Millet Rice | Nutrient Powerhouse, High Protein & 100% More Fibre Than Rice

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Product Description

Manna MilletsManna Millets

Why Manna Millets & how we process our Millets?

Minimally processed - MilletsMinimally processed - Millets

De-stoning - MilletsDe-stoning - Millets

Grading - MilletsGrading - Millets

Cooks in 10 Minutes - MilletsCooks in 10 Minutes - Millets

Minimally processed

Manna Ethnic Millets are minimally processed. Only the hard outer husk is removed without losing the bran, so the goodness of the bran & nutrients stay intact.

De-stoning, clean & natural

After the collection of fresh millets, they are de-stoned to remove stones, dust and impurities. Manna Ethnic Millets are easy & convenient to use and ready to cook anytime.

Millet Grading by size

Post de-stoning, the Millets are graded and separated for even-sized, fully formed grains. Only the best grade are used for Manna Ethnic Millets, making them healthy and nutrition-packed.

Cooks in 10 Minutes

Manna Ethnic Millets are simple & easy to cook. Just boil or cook like white rice and a nutritious meal is ready in a jiffy! They are versatile and can be used from breakfast to delicious desserts.

Why are Millets better than White Rice ?

More Fibre - MilletsMore Fibre - Millets

More Protein - MilletsMore Protein - Millets

More Iron - MilletsMore Iron - Millets

More Folate - MilletsMore Folate - Millets

100% more Dietary Fibre

Manna Ethnic Millets contain 100% more Dietary Fibre than White Rice. Helps in better digestion and makes the meal feel fuller.

20% more Protein

Manna Ethnic Millets contain 20% more Protein than White Rice. Helps build muscle strength and keeps the body healthy

300% more Iron

Manna Ethnic Millets contain 300% more Iron than White Rice. Helps improve the immune system & fight anaemia in women.

600% more Folate

Manna Ethnic Millets contain 600% more Folate than White Rice. Helps to improve blood circulation & a healthy growth.

Millets are a Healthier Habit

Gluten FreeGluten Free

Manage Blood SugarManage Blood Sugar

Weight watchersWeight watchers

Crop sustainability Crop sustainability


Gluten-free food is not just for people with Gluten sensitivity, but eating gluten free foods helps in better digestion and higher absorption of nutrients. Manna Ethnic Millets are nutritious and gluten-free.

Manage blood sugar

Millets are high in fibre, so the absorption of blood sugar takes time. Hence helps control blood sugar, blood pressure apart from other weight and fitness related conditions. Manna Ethnic Millets should be a part of those with & prone to lifestyle diseases.

Helps control weight

The high fibre content in Manna Ethnic Millets makes you feel fuller and satiates hunger well. So, you will not feel hungry for a longer time. This helps in overall weight loss and weight control, so you stay fit and healthy.

Requires less water for cultivation

Millets use just 20 – 30% of the water that rice or wheat need for cultivation. The lower water usage makes it a sustainable crop and friendly to Mother Earth. Hence, it is a crop sought after by the farmers.

Use Manna Ethnic Millets as a replacement to white rice. Cook anything, just like rice in 10 mins !!!

Millet BreakfastMillet Breakfast

Millet - Quick MealsMillet - Quick Meals

Millet - DessertsMillet - Desserts

Millet Idly, Upma, Dosa, Pongal & many more

Manna Ethnic Millets can be used for a variety of breakfast recipes. From the classic Upma, Poha, Pongal to Millet Idli & Dosa. Just replace white rice or mix them in a suitable proportion for a healthy & yummy breakfast.

Sambhar Rice, Bisibelle Bath, Curd Rice & more

Manna Ethnic Millets are easy to cook. They will be ready in just 10 minutes. So, you can use them for a variety of quick meals like Sambhar Rice, Curd Rice, Lemon Rice, Dal Rice and more. The higher fibre content, make them a wholesome nourishing meal.

Payasam, Kheer, Sweet Pongal, Cookies & more

Manna Ethnic Millets aid digestion and their low GI makes them ideal for delicious desserts. Simply replace white rice with the millet of your choice and use the same preparation, be it Sweet Pongal or Kheer.

Manna Little Millet

Manna Foxtail Millet

Manna Barnyard Millet

Manna Kodo Millet

Manna Proso Millet

Manna Little Millet

Manna Foxtail Millet

Manna Barnyard Millet

Manna Kodo Millet

Manna Proso Millet

Gluten Free


Source of Dietary Fibre

Nutrient Powerhouse

Better Nutrition than Polished Rice

Manna MilletsManna Millets

More dietary fibre, more protein, more iron & more magnesium ensures netter nutrition than white rice
A tastier & healthier alternative to white rice. Suitable for making Idlis, Dosas and other dishes
Storage Instruction : Store in a cool and dry place
Combo Of: Foxtail Millet, Kodo Millet & Little Millet

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