Oleev Active, with Goodness of Olive Oil Jar, 5L Jar

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Oleev Active – For Everyday Cooking with the Goodness of Olive Oil

Oleev Active us a Multisource cooking oil with a unique blend of Olive Oil and Rice Bran Oil, specially created to fulfil the demands of a modern and healthy lifestyle. It has an Energocules Formula that will ensure you stay active and energized throughout the day and celebrate every moment of your life with nutrition that is real. It is an ideal edible oil for everyday cooking.

Energocules gives a special composition to Oleev Active, making it rich in Linoleic Acid. Energy is produced when ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) is released through Linoleic Acid. ATP transports chemical energy within cells for metabolism. From assisting in proper metabolism and muscle contraction to neuro-transmission of energy, ATP is required at each step of our everyday life. It keeps us going all day long and helps us cope with today’s fast paced life.


Stay ACTIVE all day long!




Up to 20% less oil absorption for healthier meals

Enjoy lighter, healthier and tastier food that’s less oily and less in calories.

Extremely High Smoke Point

Excellent for frying and deep frying Indian dishes, preventing fatty acid breakdown.

Energy to stay Active!

Contains Linoleic Acid yields large ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate), which biologists consider the energy currency of life!




Boost immunity

Being rich in oryzanol, a powerful natural antioxidant that lowers cholesterol and keeps you healthy.

For a Healthy Heart

Absorbs less oil and maintains heart’s health.

Makes food feel light and healthy

Helps curb gastrointestinal problems and makes every meal enjoyable and healthy.


Enjoy versatile range of Oleev Multisource cooking oils specially designed for healthier and active lifestyles with Oleev Active, Oleev Smart, Oleev Health. Now enjoy food GUILT-FREE with Oleev’s special sci-fry technology, guaranteeing significantly lesser oil absorption and with the promise of preventing several lifestyle diseases. Bring home Oleev today to add that extra dose of health and energy that every family needs!

Sci-fri technology which make it suitable and stable for deep frying
Oil-o-meter helps you track the usage of oil
Ideal cooking oil for Indian cooking. Maximum Shelf Life 12 Months
Refined oil with benefits of two oils in one combination of rice bran oil and olive oil

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