Pikyo KJH568 Super Blur Quality Telescope Shape 8 X Lens with HD Clarity & Adjustable Mobile Clip Holder Suitable for All Devices [Multi Color]

Price: ₹ 779.00 - ₹ 279.00
(as of Mar 15,2021 20:40:16 UTC – Details)

Mobile Camera 8X Zoom Wide Angle HD Telescope Lens with Blur Background and Universal Clip Holder for All Latest Smartphones Portable mini size adjustable universal 8x telescope camera lens for mobile phone. ultra-long vision, high resolution, and good color reproduction have improved significantly the quality of pictures and the 8x telephoto lens overcomes the shortcoming of the cell phone that can only take photos near-sighted. universal camera lens with clip, The telescope can be used as a monocular. Fitting most types of mobile phones include flip phones and bar phones, 8 times zoom from the telescope camera to the phone, which can adjust the focal length. Applicable for watching the game, concerts, sightseeing, animal lovers watching, long-distance shooting reporter, etc. The phone has a rear camera, can be connected to the telescope through the clip. The image quality of the mobile phone can be improved is evident.

Multi Use: Ideal for bird watching, wildlife or scenery shots, watching sports,etc..It helps get high resolution closeups or telescope quality pics without you having to carry around a real telescope.
Easy To Use :- It’s very convenient to take it along and it can fit in your pocket, so you can bring the lens to anywhere and use it to take photos at anytime. Simply snap the scope on your phone camera and it will give high resolution close up pics.
Long Distance Shooting :- Using this telephoto lens for taking photo from distance, you will get the clearer photo instead of a blurry image, can make your phone turn into a super telescope.
8X Universal Cell Phone Telescope Lens: The length of the phone lens and optical zoom has been improved with superior optical glass and structure. Enable you to get higher quality photos than other 8X lens.

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