True Elements Multigrain Flakes with Honey 750g – Flakes for Breakfast, Power of Wheat Flakes, Jowar Flakes & Bajra Flakes

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Product Description


True Elements Multigrain Flakes is one of the most healthy, fulfilling breakfast one can ever have. Packed with 3 most nutritious supergrains – Jowar, Wheat and Bajra, True Elements Multigrain Flakes is highly beneficial for weight loss as all 3 of them are the richest in Fibre. Also, to satisfy your sweet crunchy breakfast cravings, these flakes are sweetened with pure, natural Honey without any single ounce of Sugar in it, thus proving beneficial for the sugar-conscious health freaks out there.

Apart from weight loss, these flakes fill you up with nutrients like protein, vitamins, minerals etc to meet your day-to-day requirement of nutrients for the overall functioning of your body. These flakes are 100% wholegrain, hence can be super beneficial for your digestive system without causing any side effects to your digestion process.


Wheat flakes (36%), Bajra flakes (22%), Jowar flakes (22%), Natural Soy lecithin

Key Benefit

Fulfil your weight loss goals with High Fibre power of Jowar, Bajra and Wheat

Good source of

Fibre, Complex Carbs, Plant-Protein

How To Use

You can consume True Elements Multigrain Flakes either with Hot or Cold Milk, as a breakfast cereal or you can also use it as a topping for your favourite meals like salads, smoothies, etc.

Shelf Life

6 Months

Storage Information

Store in a sealed container in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight and moisture to avoid risk of infestation.

Allergen Information

Contains Almonds and Soy. Packaged in facility that also handles Tree Nuts and Cereals containing Gluten.


Benefits of Multigrain Flakes:

Sugar-free crunchy breakfast for the sugar-conscious people:

With Zero added Sugar in it, Multigrain Flakes are enhanced with a spoonful of Raw Honey to meet your savoury sweet requirements at one go.

Strengthens Heart Health:

Being loaded with wholegrains such as Jowar, Bajra and Wheat which are low in carbs and NO starch in it, these multigrain flakes can be extremely beneficial in keeping you away from the risks of heart failure, heart attack, stroke, etc.

Improves Digestion:

Bajra flakes are said to contain a good amount of fibre, one which regulates the digestive system and avoids constipation problems.

Special Features of Multigrain Flakes

100% Wholegrain certified

Made with Zero Added Sugar

Enriched with Raw Honey

Helpful in Weight Loss

Super-rich in Dietary Fibre

Improves Digestion

No Chemicals or Preservatives

Avoids Stomach-ache problems in Kids


Key Ingredients of True Elements Multigrain Flakes:





Jowar Flakes

Jowar flakes are said to contain a good amount of fiber, meeting almost 48% of the daily requirement of the body. The high fiber content helps to improve the bowel movements, thereby avoiding constipation and other stomach issues.

Bajra Flakes

It is a good source of protein, which helps in strengthening the muscles and joints, and helps in reducing the risk of osteoporosis. Being rich in antioxidants, it can be beneficial in preventing infectious diseases.

Wheat Flakes

Whole wheat flakes can greatly contribute to your weight loss resolution, it can also help in reducing your overall calorie intake, thereby making you more strong and active throughout the day.

Raw Honey

It possesses several anticonvulsant, antidepressant, and antibacterial properties, which helps you feel relaxed and also helps in curing anxiety disorders. It also enables the production of serotonin which helps you in getting sound sleep at night.

Fibre (per 100g)





Protein (per 100g)





Added Sugar






Whole Wheat Flakes, Raw Honey, Almonds, Natural Soy Lecithin

Whole Jowar Flakes, Raw Honey, Almonds, Natural Soy Lecithin

Wheat Flakes, Jowar Flakes, Bajra Flakes, Raw Honey, Natural Soy Lecithin.

Bajra Flakes, Raw Honey, Natural Soy Lecithin.

Idea Serving Size





Wholegrain Certified

PLANT PROTEIN: Packed with plant-protein, these flakes are bound to satisfy your protein requirements, thus helping in boosting immunity.
FIBRE RICH: As these are packed in Dietary Fibres, they can be highly beneficial in improving your digestive system, thus avoiding problems associated to constipation
NO ADDED SUGAR: None of our products are made with Added Sugar. The sweetness that is obtained is by using pure, natural Raw Honey which is also unheated and unprocessed.
DIET FOOD: Being low in calories and high fibre, these flakes can highly contribute in shedding those extra pounds of weight.

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